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The Agile Process: Scrum, Kanban and XP

29 / 04 / 2021

They must understand these needs well enough to give the customer feedback about the technical aspects of how the problem might be solved, or cannot be solved. Communication between the customer and programmer is further addressed in the planning game. Coding can be used to figure out the most suitable solution. Coding can also help to communicate thoughts about programming problems.

definition of extreme programming xp

The project itself occurs in short cycles rather than long-lasting phases. Extreme Programming Explained describes extreme programming as a software-development discipline that organizes people to produce higher-quality software more productively. The purpose is to keep the detailed work of each weekly cycle in context of the overall project.

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to implement something, we don’t know which way or approach to take, try the ideas you have, even if they fail! The difficult problems in software development should be solved in multiple ways. Flow in software development is delivering a steady flow of valuable software by engaging in all the activities of development simultaneously. Teams need to bring in people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, attitudes, etc. In order for the team to have different ways of thinking and solving a problem. I carefully refactor to remove accidental complexity, giving me both satisfaction and fewer defects and making the code easier to understand for those who encounter it later.

Introducing the Post Graduate Program in Agile

A common implementation of pair programming calls the programmer at the keyboard the driver, while the other is called the navigator. The navigator focuses on the overall direction of the programming. The collaboration between developers can be done in person or remotely. The following are some of the main practices of extreme programming. Feedback is one of the most important factors of XP, and not without reason.

definition of extreme programming xp

To accept and act on feedback, even when it’s difficult to accept. To raise organizational issues that reduce your team’s effectiveness. Read our white paper on improving development velocityto learn how Quality Intelligence can make a huge difference to your agile organization. Limit Work in Progress – a key principle of lean manufacturing, Kanban enforces a limit of the number of tasks the team works on concurrently – usually no more than 2-3.

Assuming simplicity

As long as the team hasn’t started work on a particular feature, a new feature of equivalent size can be swapped into the XP team’s iteration in exchange for the un-started feature. The Customer – Who makes all the business decisions related to business requirements, acceptance criteria, cost and budget, and deliverable order. However, that is quite absurd in real life as a single person cannot provide all the business decisions adequately.

definition of extreme programming xp

In XP, you integrate your work to the shared main repository many times a day, triggering an automatic build of the whole system. Integrating as early and often as possible dramatically reduces the cost of the integration as it makes it less likely for merge and logical conflicts to occur. Last but not least, using TDD from the start ensures 100% code coverage. The test suite then truly becomes a safety net for future changes, encouraging code refactoring and creating a virtuous circle of quality. Second, TDD allows programmers to trust the code they write, and creates a nice, cyclical rhythm where the next step is always clear.

eXtreme Programming (XP)

Testing starts only after coding is complete and testing is considered as a tester’s responsibility though the tester is not involved in development. Facilitates effective communication and continuous collaboration. Customer engagement ensures their satisfaction as their participation in the development and testing process can directly influence the result, getting them exactly what they wanted. Using a unit test to nail down requirements and develop all aspects of the project.

  • The goal is to give all developers a shared view of the system which matches the view held by the users of the system.
  • Team members work in pairs, at a single computer, to create code and send it into production.
  • Software development is inherently a team sport that relies on communication to transfer knowledge from one team member to everyone else on the team.
  • Programmers write as many automated tests as they can think of that might “break” the code; if all tests run successfully, then the coding is complete.
  • Take into account, this principle is a good start, but it may not always work.

The consumer writes short user stories instead of long documents with requirements. These user stories reveal all the functionalities that the software solution must entail. In 2001, 17 software specialists created the Agile project management philosophy. These principles were based on flexibility, speed, and cooperation in the development of new software solutions. One of the main founders of Extreme Programming is Kent Beck. Extreme Programming, amongst other things, consists of various past principles and best practices that have clearly proven to be effective in software development.

Small Releases

This practice favors communication and the sense of belonging in a team. Whenever a defect slips into production, don’t just fix the defect. Ensure you understand what caused it in the first place, why you and your teammates couldn’t prevent the slip. If you need other artifacts or documents, strive to generate them from the production code and the tests.

Extreme programming is an agile software development methodology. Agile software development is a development approach that favors collaboration – not only among developers, but by actively including different stakeholders. Extreme programming adapts to change by involving everyone with a stake in the outcome in the decision-making process. Extreme programming works because it concentrates on customer satisfaction . Extreme programming is extreme because it transforms development into extremely small but important steps with extensive feedback all along the way. Today software development is a true organizational effort that relies on expert teams adopting engineering approaches and complex methodologies to produce the required, reliable software.

definition of extreme programming xp

The programmers who develop the system’s functionalities must be fully aware of everything the client expects and demands. Additionally, feedback is also important during these phases. It is a generally known fact that both individuals and teams can identify points of improvement and revise their actions through feedback.

Extreme programming (XP) gets results, but is it right for you?

Streamline your XP planning and management with a work management tool that updates and adapts in real-time, just as your work does. Collective code ownership—any member of the team can change your code at any time. Use continuous integrations to add new code and immediately test it. Programming as a pair—two developers work together simultaneously on the same computer.

Who created extreme programming?

Sprint work – developing working software within the sprint. The team carries out a daily stand-up meeting to share progress and resolve problems experienced by the team. This article covers basic principles of agile and lays out lifecycle stages of the three most popular agile methodologies – Scrum, Kanban and XP.

The developers break down the requirements into tasks, and cost estimation is done based on that. Based on the work done in the previous iteration, the XP team agrees or signs up for the task to be accomplished in the present iteration. In the first case study, at IBM, the researchers wanted to study the impact of adopting the XP approach on productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Misunderstanding the business and/or domain − Making the customer a part of the team ensures constant communication and clarifications. Writing unit tests before programming and keeping all of the tests running at definition of extreme programming xp all times. The unit tests are automated and eliminates defects early, thus reducing the costs. Developers, who are responsible for the production, are usually not in constant communication with the customers.

In XP, teams heed the economic realities of software development all the time, they constantly assess the economic risks and needs of the project. Many of the criticisms, however, are believed by Agile practitioners to be misunderstandings of agile development. Proponents of extreme programming claim that by having the on-site customer request changes informally, the process becomes flexible, and saves the cost of formal overhead. Critics of XP claim this can lead to costly rework and project scope creep beyond what was previously agreed or funded. From the point of view of simplicity, of course one could say that system development doesn’t need more than coding, testing and listening.

The XP concept was outlined back then to enable developers to write high-quality software quickly and efficiently by adapting to the changing needs of end users. The methodology reveals engineering practices that allow developers to perform routine tasks beyond their capabilities. That is why the framework is titled ‘extreme’ programming.

Extreme programming encourages an “all for one and one for all” mentality. Each person on the team, regardless of hierarchy, is respected for their contributions. The team respects the opinions of the customers and vice versa. XP is more than just a series of steps to manage projects—it follows a set of values that will help your team work faster and collaborate more effectively.

Other than for bug fixing, the developers had little or no communication with each other. This led to becoming a barrier for discussions regarding improvement in working methods. In case, some stories cannot be estimated by the team due to unclear technical considerations involved, they can introduce a Spike. Spikes are referred to as short, time frames for research and may occur before regular iterations start or along with ongoing iterations. This practice, too, reduces the feedback cycle for issue identification and resolution.

Since programmers get better rest, their productivity increases significantly. This sustainable development pattern also reduces production issues. Extreme programming uses its own set of principles, values, and practices that have a significant impact on the software development process. Values cover the underlying purpose of the development tasks, while principles entail the abstract behavior that guides participants through the software engineering process. Extreme programming seeks the involvement of customers in the development process.

To understand what it means for managers to surpass themselves, it’s important to understand the principles of Extreme Programming . Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft are all real-life examples of extreme programming and have successfully used them to grow their businesses. Your design must check all the below boxes; only then can you consider it a simple design. Extreme programming or XP has 12 practices that you must use when developing any software.

So are the opinions from other team members about an idea, including the customer who, ideally, is a member of the team. XP, however, embraces change and XP teams strive to receive early, constant feedback. If there is a need to course-correct, XPers want to know that as soon as possible. “the simplest thing that could possibly work” and adding complexity only when it’s required by failing tests. Critics compare this to “debugging a system into appearance” and fear this will result in more re-design effort than only re-designing when requirements change. The principle of embracing change is about not working against changes but embracing them.

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